Simi Settlers Amateur Radio Club

Simi Valley, California

Simi Settlers Amateur Radio Club Meetings

Club meetings are held at 7:00 PM
on the second Thursday of the month at the
Simi Senior Center
(Enter by the Southwest door)
3900 Avenida Simi, Simi Valley

Upcoming 2017 meeting dates:

Janurary 12th

Being DX - Tales of a Contest Expeditioner: 2016 Update - Marty Woll N6VI Operating from the other side of the pile up is always exciting, but it takes planning and perseverance to set up a capable station in remote locations. Back in 2009, Marty shared with us a collection of anecdotes from over a dozen contest operations outside the "lower 48". At this meeting he will update us on his expeditions since that time.

Feburary 9th

The ACS and You. - Steve King KE6WEZ Steve will be giving us a rundown of current ACS activities and goals for 2017.

March 9th

Orv Beach W6BI will provide an update on digital mesh network activities in the local area (including adjacent counties). He'll also cover enhancements and expansions planned after the rain stops and the mountaintops dry out.

April 13th

Jim Veronica WA6NXK will give a view from a High Flying Ham. Take to the skies with Jim in his ultra light aircraft.

May 11th

ARRL Southwestern Division Director Dick Norton, N6AA9, will speak on the ARRL and current happenings in Amateur Radio.

June 8th

Frank Valdez KI6OQ will give a run down on this year's Field Day plans.

Field Day: June 24th - 25th

The American Radio Relay League "Field Day" event mobilizes Amateur Radio groups to operate under emergency conditions for a 24-hour period. Held at the Reagan Library from 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, June 24 through 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, June 25, visitors will be able to listen to amateur radio communication, talk to amateur radio stations located in other countries, and find out more about obtaining a FCC Amateur Radio License. "Field Day" is designed to test radio operators' abilities to quickly set up and operate stations under emergency conditions, such as the loss of normal electric power or breakdown of normal cellular and other communication services.

July 13th

Brief Field Day Recap, Project ideas and Future Program suggestions

August 10th

Meet your new President

September 14th

Stave Nool is going to speak and show his LED antenna pattern again with a few surprises

October 12th

Lea Veronica - XYL of Jim Veronica WA6NXK - will give a presentation on "WHAT ARE THE WIVES DOING WHILE THEIR HUSBANDS ARE ON THE RADIO?."

November 9th

John Kitchens NS6X will talk about what has happened in the ARRL this past year or so.

We will look at the website. There are several free classes available.

December 14th

No General Meeting this mounth due to Christmas. See you all next year.

January 11th